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With Easter fast approaching, the tension between looking forward to sleep ins and flexible days and keeping children entertained to combat the cries of “I’m bored” weigh on the minds of many parents. 

As a mother to 3 gorgeous girls, I was always looking for inexpensive ways to create fond memories for my girls growing up, especially during holiday time. These simple ideas are also great to brighten up a quiet weekend. 

Let me share a few with you. 


Alphabet workout

What you need: Paper and pen, space. 

How it works: On each piece of paper, place a letter of the alphabet and then add an exercise to it for example A = 5 jumping jacks, B = 10 star jumps, C = 30sec plank and so on. Use a range of exercises, sets and time frames. You could even add a rest period to a couple of the letters. Each family member spells out their name by doing the exercise attached 

You could even change it up and place your names in a hat and draw one out and do a workout to someone else’s name. 

This is a great way for children to develop letter recognition and counting skills. 

Home made movie theatre. 

What you need: Snacks, paper, markers, movie. 

How it works:  You and your children can create movie tickets, set up a snack bar and create paper money that can be redeemed for snacks and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home. This is a great experience to teach children about maths concepts such as counting and adding and literacy skills as the children are writing out the tickets. 

Cup cake decorating competition. 

What you need: Ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes, cupcake icing and any cupcake toppings such as sprinkles, lollies and chocolate. 

How it works: Make a few batches of cupcakes and either create teams or individually decorate the cupcakes, take photos, and post them on your private Facebook/Instagram page to get your friends and family to vote by liking their favourites to decide a winner. 

There are so many great learning opportunities in this experience. It develops creativity and as you make the cupcakes with your children, you are exposing them to science and maths. 

You then get to enjoy some yummy cupcakes together. Alternatively, you could wrap the cupcakes and you and your children could gift them to a friend or family member. 


Runway fashion show. 

What you need: Your wardrobe

How it works: Let the kids loose in your wardrobe and set up a fashion parade setting. This gives children the freedom to showcase their creative side and be a bit silly if they like. This experience is sure to bring joy and laughter. Take some photos and add them to your album to look back on in years to come. 

Live like an author. 

What you need: Pen, markers, and a post it stamps. 

How it works:  Write a book/letters for friends or family that live close by or overseas. Get your child involved in writing a story either made up or based on true events, or just a good old-fashioned letter to update family on what’s going on in their lives. 

Picasso and DaVinci

What you need: Canvas from the bargain shops and paints. (Food colouring and water work just as well). 

How it works: A time for you and your child/ren to get creative. Either have categories like still painting where you and your child choose an object and paint that or a scenery shot where you sit outside and paint what you see in front of you or just do an abstract painting. There are so many different art forms that you can do. Check out google for some ideas. These can then be kept as keepsakes or gifted to friends and family. 



Mystery adventures #1 

What you need: Car and packed picnic. 

How it works: Get in the car and go somewhere you have never gone before. This may be as simple as travelling to the next suburb or checking out google for a place of interest or recommended by friends and family. Enjoy a packed picnic at your new spot. 

Mystery adventures #2

What you need: Car and packed picnic. 

How it works:  A twist to number one; let your child direct you, jump in the car and let them decide what turns to take and see where you end up. You will discover places you did not know existed. You could have a time frame of 30 mins or an hour, and when that time is up, you then enjoy a packed picnic lunch at your destination spot. 



Park Researchers. 

What you need: A list of parks in the area. Pen and markers

How it works: Check out local parks in your community (or take it further if you like). 

With your child, take note of what they have including a list of pros and cons, this is your findings, then you can input your findings into a table of best parks in the area. This is good for identifying what park to go to when you have a certain need or interest to tend to, for example, when you feel like playing basketball, because of your research, you know which park to go to with the courts and hoop. 

Community treasure hunt. 

What you need: Paper and markers

How it works: Everyone writes down somethings that can be found in the community, such as a blue stroller, a grandma wearing yellow, a particular bird, a particular car, the list could go on and on. Go for a walk in your local community and see home many of the suggested items you can find. 

Camping fun. 

What you need: Tent

How it works: Camping in the back yard. Pitch a tent and pop your sleeping bags in there. Tell stories by flashlight and enjoy a night under the stars in your own back yard. 

These are just a few inexpensive ideas; however you decide to spend the school holidays, make fond memories. Maybe some of these ideas will become traditions that will be passed on from generation to generation. 

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